Installation "Commentary. Part one: The Exit from Egypt" – work, born in Israel, even though the artist used a few elements that were created while still in Germany.
The adage "part one" suggests that it's only part of a greater work – a series of installations of the Torah. However, as it is traditional to make commentaries on holy texts, constantly comparing them to modern times. This work is not an illustration of texts, but the creation of a visual commentary of the book of books. This installation is about the most
important moment in Jewish history: Exodus from Egypt.
Separate pages – monotypes, connected into horizontal stripes and in rows, glued to vertical cloth that looks like Jewish scrolls on papyruses, and on the writings on the walls of Egyptian graves: A large black white panel, sometimes with added golden spots interleaved with colorful images.
For the first time the installation was shown in Jerusalem, in the exhibition hall "Beit of a-Muzar", gallery "Skizza", then in the Dneproterovsk Museum Centre "Menora" (2012), Kiev gallery "Lavra" (2012), in Moscow in the central exhibition hall "Manege" (2012).