Installation "Commentaries. Part two. In the desert" is an interpretation of the biblical story about the forty years of wandering.
21 dark canvases and 12 staffs, on each of which there is an inscription, showing its affiliation to one of the tribes of Israel. Red, deep green, and light blue threads, taut on the background, create the illusion of a desert’s landscape and symbolically unite the narratives.
On the canvases – figures of people "sitting" in tents and fragments of an unending desert that people watched though their shelter are seen.
In these pages, almost all the main laws are encrypted, celebrations and prohibitions, which were given during the 40 year wandering in the desert, and until this day, are the basis of Jewish life.
For the first time it was show in the exhibition hall of "Beit ot ha Muzar", gallery "Skizza" (2014-2015), and then in the National Museum of Georgia (2015).